Zero Litter to Ocean

Did you know that eight million tonnes of plastics gets into the ocean each year and eighty percent of that comes from stormwater?

I put forward a motion at the October Council meeting to urge the Council to commit to a 'Zero Litter to Ocean' target by June 2030. This can be achieved by Council consistently cleaning out our stormwater drains and ensuring that plastics and other pollutants do not travel through stormwater into our Harbour.

I was pleased that this motion was passed unanimously by Council however I was disappointed to learn, after accessing audit reports of City of Sydney Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs), that 40% of these traps were not working and not only that, but that the City of Sydney had been aware of this for four years and had done nothing about this issue.

With ineffective GPTs, rubbish and gross pollutants will continue to flow through our stormwater and pollute our Harbour. I spoke to The Daily Telegraph about this issue and a spokesperson from the City of Sydney advised they have now allocated $350,000 for the cleaning and repair of the GPTs. From what I have been told by the experts, this is not nearly enough to cover the broken and damaged GPTs. I will continue to put pressure on the Lord Mayor and the CEO to commit more funding towards fixing this issue so that the Zero Litter to Ocean target can be acheived by 2030.