Update: City Stormwater Management

In 2019, I started a campaign to improve the City's stormwater management program. I gained access to secret audit report which showed that 40% of the city's Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT's) were not working. This allowed rubbish and microplastics to freely enter the harbour. Incredibly, the City of Sydney had been aware of this for many years and had done nothing about it. I pushed staff to commit to implementing an effective management strategy for these GPTs. I am pleased to see that since my campaign began, the City has made some significant changes to its stormwater management. Since my campaign began:

- The City has recruited the role of Senior Engineer Water Quality

- The repairs recommended in the GPT audit have been completed - $754K has been spent on GPT cleaning, repair and maintenance - The City has developed an optimised GPT cleaning, inspection and maintenance program - Gross Pollutant Traps are working as designed to capture litter before entering waterways.

- The City has allocated $520,000 in the 2020/21 Budget towards future repair and maintenance

GPTs act as the last line of defence between street litter and the ocean and by ensuring they are 100% effective, the City can achieve its goal of 'zero litter to ocean' by 2030. Learn more HERE