Trucks of Maddox Street

Local residents around Maddox Street in Alexandria have been campaigning hard to stop oversize trucks illegally invading Maddox Street. I have been campaigning for Council to use its powers to stop and fine oversize trucks as they illegally pass through these quiet residential streets. The hard and persistent work of the local residents has resulted in a recommendation to close Maddox Street to through traffic but this may take years. I'm not satisfied that this is the end of the matter. I want immediate action to stop the trucks "rat running" through Maddox Street.

Thanks to the persistence of residents and my continued Council pressure, City Rangers now have the authorisation to enforce infringement notices to vehicles violating the weight limit on City of Sydney roads! 

It is great to see that after putting forward multiple motions to Council for clarification of the responsibility of the City of Sydney and the RMS on local roads, that an outcome has been achieved for the residents of Alexandria.

Well done to all of the local residents - keep up the fight!

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