Traffic Calming in Park Street, Erskineville

I have been working with a group of residents from Park Street, Erskineville who have raised concerns about an increase in volume and speed of traffic down their residential road since the installation of the Henderson Road cycleway. Every time I visit Park Street I have a sense of déjà vu. Remember Trucks of Maddox Street Alexandria? Like Maddox Street, Park street is also a 3 Tonne weight limited road yet there are overweight vehicles rat running down the street. Much like Maddox street, the volume of rat-running traffic is causing safety and amenity concerns. Just imagine your quiet suburban street turned into a high speed high volume traffic street – all as a consequence of the cycleway. Consultation is currently underway to make the Henderson Road pop up cycleway permanent. I am not opposed to cycleways in our City but we must address the impact these cycleways have on surrounding streets first. My motion to Council to implement traffic calming measures has been successful. I moved that Council take immediate steps to reinstate Park Street as a quiet residential street and reduce some of the impacts that residents are experiencing, including removing speed cushions which are having unintended impacts, making speed and weight limit signage more visible and more frequent patrolling for heavy vehicle usage. I have also requested that City staff respond to community suggestions and to report back to Council within two months on the process for community consultation and feedback into those longer term traffic calming measures for Park St. I will keep on top of the progress of the traffic calming proposals and keep residents informed.