The Great Moore Park Golf Course Robbery

Have you heard that Clover is campaigning to strip away half of Moore Park Golf Course and in the process is spending $50,000 of ratepayers money for consultation on her proposal?

This is not a new idea. Clover attempted to do the same thing back in 2016 to boost her election campaign. This time she is using the excuse of COVID to divide the community over open space. Rather than be inclusive of all sports, Clover is throwing barbs at those in the community who enjoy a game of golf. Using words like “Elite” sport and “exclusive” club to divide the community, Clover is showing her real hand as a person hell bent on dividing the community for her own gain.

MPGC is one of the few public championship courses in Sydney and in fact was set up to provide a championship course for the working class of Sydney. Just stand on the 1st tee to watch tradies and everyday workers roll up every afternoon for a round on this famous course.

We should not have to decide which recreation is prioritised over the other, Moore Park Golf Course only makes up a small portion of the Centennial Parklands and it should not have to be ripped away from the community. It doesn’t have to be either/or. Its just that Clover wants to make us think it is.

UPDATE: The Minister for Public Places and Planning, Rob Stokes has vocalised his support to retain the 18 hole course! This a sensible outcome for the community. Read the article below