Telstra Payphones - Big Win for Sydney

Last year, I raised the issue of Telstra payphones with massive billboards popping up all over our city without development approval. My motion resulted in Sydney joining the battle in the Federal Court with Melbourne and Brisbane. Telstra was trying to use its universal service obligation to roll out 300 payphones in the CBD of Sydney wherever it liked and without any planning approval whatsoever.

Telstra claimed the massive installations (you know the payphones with the oversized digital billboard) are a "low impact installation" and didn't need approval. The real reason Telstra was trying to install so many payphones was so it could roll out its massive billboards on the back of them - how many payphones calls do you reckon are made in the Sydney CBD?

Great news for Sydney. Telstra has lost its long-running dispute over JCDecaux's upgrade of its payphone network after a Federal Court ruled in favour of several city councils across the country

A sensible outcome and a win against corporate steamrolling.

You can read more about it HERE