Sydney's Night Time Economy

Last week I addressed the Joint Select Committee on Sydney's Night Time Economy (NTE). As a Councillor with NTE industry experience, I offered the inquiry some of my thoughts.

The Night Time Economy is intrinsically linked to food, entertainment (including creative industries) and liquor. I support retail and other parts of our economy growing with the NTE but lets focus on the core parts of the NTE.

People talking down Sydney has had a terrible impact on the NTE. Ironically those who have used a megaphone to oppose the Lock Out Laws saying “Sydney is Closed” have had a significant impact on whether people come out at night.

There is no doubt that an intervention in King Cross was necessary in 2014. I note that the Lord Mayor was advocating for the lock out laws and supported the Last Drinks campaign laws back then but now describes them as a sledgehammer on a walnut.

The liquor regulations imposed in 2014 are not per se inappropriate for some premises. Banning shots, food availability, plastic drinking vessels, scanners, curfew etc can be valuable tools for managing individual premises based on evidence. The collective punishment of the regulations in 2014 was the problem. Read the full transcript HERE