Moore Park Golf Course

I recently wrote to the Minister for Parks and Public Spaces presenting a proposal to retain the 18 hole golf course at Moore Park while also allowing more community use of the space. Rather than pitting one group against another, my 5 point plan supports a multi-use model that would allow more use of the course grounds for other users without interrupting golf.

1. Close the front 9 at 4pm daily to allow passive and organised recreation to use the fairways. Golfers who start a late afternoon game at 4pm are not likely to be able to play 18 holes anyway

2. Install lighting on some Fairways to allow evening use of the course by other users

3. Redesign a few holes and use plantings and earthworks to allow passive use of some parts of the course while golf is being played

4. Redesign safety fencing to be less exclusionary

5. A public education campaign so the whole community learns how to use the golf course grounds safely

I was pleased to see that the Minister recognised my alternative proposal and I hope that he will take these points into consideration with his decision. Read more HERE