Homeless Street Count Summer 2020

The 2020 Summer Street Count count found there were 334 people sleeping rough across the local area. This is 39 fewer than the 373 people counted in the same month last year. This represents a 10 per cent decrease from the February 2019 count of 373 people sleeping rough, and a 23 per cent decrease from the February 2017 count.

There were also 505 people staying in crisis and temporary accommodation on the night of the count. This represents 91 per cent occupancy, which is 3 per cent lower than at the same time last year.

This is a positive outcome for Sydney and is a testament to the hard work that the City of Sydney Homelessness Unit does in collaboration with the NSW Government, FACs and the many NGOs who all do a fantastic job in delivering services to vulnerable members of society. We need to keep supporting and resourcing these organisations to tackle the highly complex issue of #homelessness.