Henderson Road and Moore Park Road Pop-Up Cycleway

In May, the Lord Mayor brought Council a proposal from her and the Transport Minister to install pop-up cycleways to assist people getting around Sydney during the COVID-19 crisis. Councillors were assured that there would be minimal disruption to residents and almost no loss of parking.

After receiving a deluge of correspondence from locals, I inspected the Moore Park Road location and Henderson Road site to see for myself. I was shocked with the way the Henderson Road “pop-up” cycleway has been rolled out and I am alarmed at the proposed loss of over 118 parking spots on Moore Park Road.

This is not about whether we should or shouldn’t have a cycleway but how the lack of consultation and significant impact on the local community has really damaged the trust relationship between the community and the Lord Mayor and Council.

I hosted public meetings at both Moore Park Road and Henderson Road for residents and businesses to raise their concerns. Both groups were disappointed with the lack of consultation before the commencement of construction, the lack of information supplied such as site plans and construction diagrams and the loss of parking. Both groups also expressed concerns for the safety of residents, restricted access to businesses and properties and the lack of alternative places to park. Residents on Park Street in Erskineville were additionally concerned for the increasing amount of car and trucks rat running through their street, which is a 3-tonne weight limited road and does not currently have any traffic calming measures in place. Residents have also called for more traffic ranger presence in this area to prevent overweight vehicles using Park Street and to manage the 2 hour timed parking on Henderson Road.

The community has continued to support cycling and do not want a wedge driven between them and users of cycleways – this is about massive disruption and lack of transparency and honesty from the Lord Mayor. My urgent motion about Henderson Road was rejected by the Lord Mayor’s team and Councillor Forster’s Motion about Moore Park Road was pushed to a later date by the Lord Mayor.

I am continuing to liaise with Council staff, Police, RMS and the Transport Ministers office to mitigate the issues caused by these pop-up cycleways.