Erskineville Community Garden

The Lord Mayor has used her casting vote to allow staff to explore how Erko Road Community Garden can be flogged off for high density development.

Clover loves to project this image of being an open space champion (eg. stealing half of Moore Park Golf Course) but then wants to rip up a community garden for housing?

I support a diverse range of green open space that can be used by different groups in our community. Community gardens are more than just a recreation spot, they are community connectors and important for physical and mental health - quite apart from cooling effect, carbon sink and other environmental benefits.

I moved a motion to protect the Erko Community Garden from being flogged off for development. Unsurprisingly (and with no sense of irony) the Lord Mayor used her casting vote to vote down the motion. I will continue to persevere on this matter and ensure that the community is appropriately consulted before any of the garden is sold off to the highest bidder.