Elizabeth McCrea Playground

At the September council meeting, The Clover Moore Political Party voted to strip the name "Elizabeth McCrea Park" from the playground in Redfern to rename it after the adjoining streets (Kepos and Zamia).

The vast majority of residents consulted said they wanted to keep the name Elizabeth McCrea and yet, Clover and her team dismissed these views and said "that's just a consultation, not a vote".

So, why would the Clover Moore Political Party want to strip the name of a prominent local woman, an activist who fought for the rights of women and residents, from the name of a popular local park? Does it have something to do with the fact that this is where Clover started her political career? Are they setting the groundwork for the "Clover Moore Memorial Playground"?

Regardless of the historical significance of the name, Elizabeth McCrea is a community park and through the consultation, the community expressed their support to retain that name and as a Council we should support these views.