Council fails Chinatown...again

The Chinatown community has been crying for help and support from the City of Sydney for years and it has always fallen on deaf ears. But wait.... Just in time for the election, the City of Sydney is asking Councillors to endorse 2 new priorities for Chinatown - yes, just 2, when 6 out of 10 priorities from 2015 have not been started or completed.

The 2 new priorities are to upgrade Dixon Street South (really? the community has been calling for that for years) and upgrade Quay Street to connect Central Station to Darling Harbour (is this even Chinatown?)

BUT WAIT FOR IT.... the 2 new priorities have no budget and no time frame and there will be no consultation on the priorities.

The City of Sydney has failed the businesses and community of Chinatown by not maintaining or delivering essential public domain upgrades.