Clover Moore/Labor Tax Hike

The Clover Moore/Labor alliance is proposing to triple the development contributions for any DA over $200,000 in value. This directly impacts small and family business and home owners in central Sydney by putting yet another financial hurdle in the way of establishing a viable small business. At Monday’s Council meeting I proposed a sliding scale method where projects between $250,000 and $500,000 were levied 1% of development costs, projects from $500,000 to $1 million contribute 2% and projects over $1 million contributed 3%. This would lessen the tax burden on small and family businesses who create jobs and boost the economy and at the same time make sure big developers pay their fair share. Sydney will still get a significant increase in overall contributions for the purposes of public infrastructure but lessens the impact for those who can least afford it. I spoke with Liv Casben from ABC News about the amendment I made to the Draft Central Sydney Development Contributions Plan at last Monday's Council meeting. I reminded ABC viewers about the impact of the Lock Out Laws, dwindling night time economy, light rail construction and now Corona Virus has had on small business. Why would we triple the contributions tax on those who are trying to revive the economy in Sydney? I also spoke with the Sydney Morning Herald reminding readers that the plan is on exhibition and to get submissions in as soon as possible. I welcome the opportunity for residents and small businesses to have their say on this plan. To be notified when the Draft Central Sydney Planning Strategy is on exhibition for public comment, click HERE