Climate 'Emergency'

At the June Council meeting, I made an amendment to the Lord Mayoral Minute about the Climate 'Emergency' which had stirred up the climate fundamentalists. I moved an amendment remove the hysterical and alarmist language used and when I did, I was heckled loudly by the gallery. It is funny how the left talk so much about inclusiveness and diversity of views but don't want to hear any opinion other than their own. 

The climate fundamentalists have weaponised language to the point that no-one is willing to voice another opinion and when they use language like “Coal is Genocide” and “Extinction Rebellion”, it just marginalizes the debate further and does nothing to bring about meaningful change to climate policy.

There is no doubt that the climate is changing and we need to do more to tackle the problem. Increasing levels of CO2, extreme weather events, warming oceans and rising sea levels pose a risk to all of us and we need to take action. Name calling and slogans are not the solution.

Listen to my interview with Ben Fordham on 2GB HERE