Cleanliness and Condition of Sydney Streets

Since the beginning of my term, I have been raising the issue of street cleaning and maintenance with the city administration. Late last year, the Clover Moore team claimed that the City rarely receives complaints for rubbish and waste. The emails and calls I receive tell a different story.

Rubbish and street cleanliness tells the story of longer term neglect and denial by the city. We all want to be proud of the streets and communities we live in but sometimes the never-ending maintenance issues, accumulated rubbish, footpath stains and disrepair leave us frustrated with the City’s denials. Residents and businesses continue to express concern over the City focusing on big items while failing to adequately address day to day matters such as street cleaning, rubbish removal and street maintenance. Failure to address these issues impact the amenity and safety of our City.

Although the City administration is confident that it is doing just fine, I have still been refused unrestricted access to the city’s Fixed Asset Register. This statutory register details the condition of all Sydney-owned footpaths, drains and other fixed assets. I will continue to push for this and hold the City accountable. If you have any photos or concerns about cleanliness or conditions of our streets, please reach out and I will bring it to the attention of our staff.