Calling on Clover to open Council facilities

Over the past few weeks the City has focused on reopening and welcoming back people to the CBD. Local businesses have been strongly encouraged by both the City and State Government to explore ways to re-activate the CBD after a long and difficult period.

I am concerned however, that the City of Sydney is not focused on doing this itself. Our libraries, pools and community centres have not yet returned to full operating hours and some have not reopened at all. Meanwhile most other Councils have completely opened up their facilities for community use.

Libraries and Community Centres are important spaces for the community, where people can access a safe and reliable space, where they can access resources and connect with each other. It is disappointing to see that the City of Sydney is dragging it's feet to reopen these facilities given that there is no covid rule that is preventing the City from doing so.

I have called upon and will continue to call on Clover Moore and the City staff to reopen these facilities to the community. If the current covid rules allow it, the Council should make it a priority to do so. We need to reopen these facilities to get the community back together.