Alternatives to the New Year's Eve Fireworks

At the March meeting I put forward a motion to Council to request that the CEO investigate environmentally-sustainable and non-explosive alternatives including, but not limited, to drone shows, for future New Year's Eve celebrations. 

The suggestion of a drone show as an alternative to fireworks generated a lot of attention from the public however I'd like the City of Sydney to be open to other alternatives as well. I am pleased that Council unanimously supported my motion to explore alternatives for future New Year's Eve shows and I look forward to the report back to Council. 

The reason why I put forward this motion was the 2019 New Year's Eve Fireworks display were considered the most controversial due to the City of Sydney's decision to go ahead at the height of the bushfire crisis despite calls for it to be cancelled by the community. 

The community response to the 2019 New Year's Eve fireworks raised the question about what alternatives can be used instead of fireworks and to explore the ways in which we can have still a festival that has an impact for the rest of the world, but also send a signal that we are are a progressive, sustainable City that is open to exploring new ways to do what we can to reduce our emissions and improve our air quality.