Fight for Transparency

The last two years have been a long battle for the war on transparency at City council. The City of Sydney is notorious for it's secrecy and I have been determined for the public to have full access to the decisions made at Council. Until live streaming is made available, I have introduced the 'Council Wrap' each month on my Facebook page which is a quick and clear summary of decisions made at Council.

I am pleased to say that since I was elected in 2016, there has been progress in the battle for a more transparent City of Sydney. I have been campaigning for this since I was elected to Council and the Clover Moore party has continually denied residents the right to see what happens in the Council chamber using modern technology.

In September, after my 12 month campaign, it was announced that all votes by Councillors would be electronically recorded. I was also delighted that after my constant urging and lobbying, Local Government Minister Gabrielle Upton released the long awaited model code of meeting practice including the move to make compulsory for all councils in NSW to live stream council and committee meetings. I have moved eight motions to introduce live streaming of City of Sydney Council meetings since my election in 2016 so this is a victory for my campaign for greater transparency and ending 'Secret Sydney'. 

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